SIDE BY SIDE: Together for healthcare and prevention

Access to information about healthcare and services provided by the National Health Service is important for all citizens. A recent analysis has shown that citizens of non Italian origin have more difficulty in understanding how the Italian health system works.

Side by Side is a project in collaboration with AVO (Associazione Volontari Ospedalieri) who’s volunteers operate in hospitals in the province of Florence. The aim of this project is to establish a helpdesk for people of non Italian origin and provide them with information about healthcare, prevention and health pathways.

The role of Good World Citizen will be in the training of the volunteers that will be providing the service. The training focuses on providing an understanding of the various cultures and the concept of health in an intercultural approach. The volunteers, suitably trained, will be able to inform, assist in setting appointments for visits and exams and also accompany, if necessary, the people who turn to the counter.

Guided Tours to the Russian Orthodox Church in Florence

Part of our intercultural activities at Good World Citizen is focused on knowing the various cultures present in our local areas and the importante contribution they give to the society in general.

In this perspective we are organizing guided tours of the Church of the Nativity of Jesus Christ in Florence.
The Church was inaugurate in 1903 and is the first Russian religious construction in Italy and is a historical monument, subject to the protection of the Special for the Historical and Artistic Heritage of the city of Florence.

GMI-Sophia University

Giovani Musulmani d’Italia (GMI) members visited the Sophia University and participated for a day in various kinds of activities, in different sectors from educational to recreational.
During these activities they exchanged experiences with students and staff members.