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Io studio arabo, tu hai studiato cinese

Globalization has led to the creation of multicultural societies, a reality that is also consolidated in Italy. This raises the question of coexistence between the various cultures, and Italy, in this sense, has chosen to follow the European policy regarding multilingualism and multiculturalism through an intercultural approach. Although it is the third most widely spoken…

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La disparità retributiva di genere: cause, conseguenze e politiche

Despite constituting half of the world’s population, women have always suffered, and unfortunately continue to suffer, discrimination of various kinds: from the denial of the right to vote until a few decades ago, to the consideration of women only as the “angels of the house”, up to the the many forms of penalization and marginalization…


Il servizio alla comunità e l'integrazione

When Mohamed arrived in Italy 8 years ago, everything was different from his life in Egypt and it was not easy for him to adapt. When he arrived in Florence he joined some volunteer associations, especially those of the Muslim community. This was very useful in helping him integrate in the society. He helped people…


Il pluralismo culturale

Multiculturalism is a phenomenon linked to globalization. Its effects and the presence of  cultural plurality in contemporary societies is a reality that must be considered as we are all subject to different cultural experiences and influences. Cultures change and individuals actively interpret and renew their traditions to adapt to the changes brought about through relationships…