Mahfuz and Pratolini: a comparative reading

Two writers, two different cities: Nagib Mahfuz’s Cairo and Vasco Pratolini’s Florence. Each writing about the everyday life in the alleys of their neighbourhood. The analogies between the writings of these two distinguished authors will be the theme of the conference organized by Good World Citizen and The Centro Creatività Cultura.

The conference is going to take place at 5 pm Tuesday 28th of September at SMS Rifredi in Florence. It will be an in person event and can also be followed online on GWC’s Facebook page or at the link:

During the conference Abir Elsayed will present her research in which she compares Nagib Mahfuz’s “Midaq Alley” and Vasco Pratolini’s “A Tale of Two Poor Lovers”.

The life and works of Nagib Mahfuz will be illustrated by Paolo Branca, professor of Arabic language and literature at the Università Cattolica in Milan. Nicola Turi, professor of modern and contemporary Italian literature at the University of Florence will outline the life and works of Vasco Pratolini.

The characteristically intercultural field of comparative literature deals with the relation between literature and other spheres of human activity. The study of cultural expression across linguistic boundaries and across cultures provides means for a dialogue that leads to mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence among people of different cultures.