National meeting: The Environment and the Care for the Creation

Muslims and Catholics come together for the National Islamic- Catholic Meeting as part of a five-year project that aims to outline some points of the Document on Human Fraternity.

The “Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together” was signed by Al-Azhar’s Grand Imam Ahamd Al- Tayyeb and the head of the Catholic Church Pope Francis during their historic encounter in 2019. This document marks the path of confrontation and dialogue between Muslims and Catholics that continues through various events on cultural, educational and religious levels. In this context, the Loppiano meeting, dedicated to the themes of creation and environment, represents a significant stage in this process.

From a religious point of view not preserving God’s creation means not knowing how to recognize it as a gift from Him. The hope, as the organizers underline, is to initiate and encourage actions, each in specific contexts and regions, that will promote the best conditions for peace and justice, and that may establish ways to realize the good deeds proposed during this encounter.

The meeting will open with the greetings of the Secretary General of the CEI Msgr. Stefano Russo, the Secretary General of the Islamic Cultural Center of Italy Mr. Abdellah Redouane and the President of the Union of Islamic Communities of Italy Mr. Yassine Lafram. The program includes 14 thematic workshops coordinated by two moderators, a Muslim and a Catholic. GWC director will be coordinating the workshop dedicated to education and environment. The outcomes of these workshops will be presented as indications of the good practices in support of preserving the environment.

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