Oscar-nominated director talks to GWC

Skye Fitzgerald, Acadamy Award Nominee for best documentary (short subject), talked to GWC director Haifa Alsakkaf about his latest film “Hunger Ward”. The movie deals with the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Yemen caused by a civil war that started over five years ago.

GWC director Haifa Alsakkaf and director Skye Fitzgerald

“Hunger Ward” documents the extemly difficult situation inside two of the most active therapeutic feeding centers in Yemen and the struggle of two women health care workers in keeping children from dying of starvation. It is a hard film to watch but attention has to be drawn to the catastrophic situation and the tragedy and suffering of the people and children of Yemen.

GWC director, who is from Yemen herself, talked to Skye about the making of the film and how to bring awareness to the situation in Yemen and the actions needed to stop this ongoing tragedy.

Visit the ufficial website www.hungerward.org for more information about the film.